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Audio Zone Components
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Mass Fidelity Relay
Bluetooth Receiver
DAC/Bridge $299.00



Creek Evolution 50C CD Player/Transport (DEMO)

If you wish to stream music from the Internet, listen to high-resolution music from a computer, satellite receiver or TV, or play CDs at the highest quality, the EVOLUTION 50CD is the product for you. Its, highly flexible, digital pre-amplifier easily switches between any of these sources and can remotely control the output volume, in the digital domain. With multiple digital inputs and outputs, the latest 2016 EVOLUTION 50CD is one of the most well equipped and seriously high-end DAC products on the market, despite its competitive price. The EVOLUTION 50CD Player will work very well in the following system. This unit is our display model and comes with all original packaging, manual, warranty, has very low hours of use and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,100.00 (Retail New is $1,899.00


Elac B6 Bookshelf Speaker Pair (DEMO)

The Debut B6 takes the incredible B5 sound profile and adds an extra dollop of bass and dynamic range, making this 2-way, bass-reflex design a stand-out choice for multi-channel systems and critical music listeners seeking a superb bookshelf speaker that packs real performance and punch. This pair is our store demo with very little use and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $350.00


Pair of Lowther PM6C Drivers (Very Good Condition)

For sale is a Pair of Lowther PM6C drivers in very good working and cosmetic condition. Surrounds are great and they are waiting for a good cabinet. Ideal for SET low power amplifiers. Many Lowther cabinet plans available on the internet for your DIY project. ON SALE NOW FOR THE PAIR AT $500.00 FIRM!


Jeff Rowland Model 7 Mono Blocks (350W Per Channel)

For sale a pair of Jeff Rowland Model 7 Mono Blocks. No matter what speakers I used these amps with, the impression was always of excellent resolution and clarity from top to bottom, together with an effortless quality about the sound that I find very attractive. The Rowland's retrieval of low-level detail in the midrange is outstanding. This pair is in excellent cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $3,800.00


Mordaunt-Short Pageant Series 2 - Great British Speakers!

 Mordaunt-Short Pageant Series II loudspeakers which were made in England, oh, back in the early seventies - '73 or '74. With Mordaunt-Short, you're entering the world of audiophile quality loudspeakers. This stuff is expensive and engineered to the very finest specifications imaginable. These are two-way speakers featuring an 8-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter. They are ported at the top. These sound absolutely fantastic and are in decent cosmetic and very good working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $250.00


Monster HDP-1800 Power Center (Used)

The Monster Power HDP 1800 High Definition PowerCenter protects your home audio/video equipment from dangerous power surges and spikes. It has 8 AC outlets, as well as coaxial, telephone (RJ-14) and network (RJ-45) jacks for complete protection. The HDP 1800 has 5,526 joules of protection, and a digital voltage display on the front panel. ON SALE FOR ONLY $125.00


Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai DVD/CD Player/ Transport (Like New)

This one's a "no brainer". Its dual i-Link outputs pass both new and exciting multi-channel music formats (DVD-Audio, SACD) in the digital domain to a receiver (like our VSX-49TXi) with a single cable, for unprecedented purity and convenience. As an audio player, the DV-47Ai plays DVD Audio, multi-channel SACD (Super Audio CD), CD, CD-R, and MP3 discs, ensuring compatibility with all key audio formats for years to come. Triple 192kHz/24bit audio DACs, six-channel audio output, and the latest in surround decoding provide a truly stunning audio performance. And as a video player, the DV-47Ai plays DVD-Video and DVD-R/RW, and features 108MHz/12-bit video processing and Pioneer's PureCinema progressive scan for a spectacular visual experience. Bass Management lets you control the amount of bass sent to your speakers, for better multi-channel sound. Was $1,200.00 NEW and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00



NAD T571 5-Disc DVD/CD Player Changer (Used)

Given that NAD has always been a "music first" company, they wanted to make sure that their customer base would see this product as an alternative to a high-end CD player, as well as a DVD player. To that end, the T571 comes with both coaxial and optical digital audio outputs as well as two sets of analog outs. The digital outs will give your processor a signal at either 48kHz or 96kHz. Not only will the NAD play CDs and DVDs, it will also play CD-Rs and CD-RWs. I still never cease to be amazed at how many DVD players balk at CD-R. Since I burn a lot of compilation CDs, that feature means a lot to me. The T571 never even burped when playing banged-up CD-RWs. Even better, for those who like to listen to 50-plus hours of music without ever having to open the drawer of a player, the NAD will play MP3s burned onto a CD-R. While this isn’t the sound of perfection, I’ve never heard MP3s sound this good through any other player. Very good cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $175.00



Featuring some of the most unusual speakers designs ever and highest quality components throughout, Model A200 offers grand life-like presentation comparable to that of 12" Tannoy dual concentric classics, at half the price. A200 are the best speakers ever made by Boston Acoustics.  They are not 4 Ohm, like later A400, much easier to drive.  A-200 were shown at Chicago Consumer Electronics Show in 1980, with great reviews. When released, they were advertised as the speakers with unsurpassed real-world performance. This pair is in very good cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $300.00


McIntosh MR 80 Tuner (Best of the Best)

Engineering direction dictated a tuner design governed by insistence on great flexibility and ease of use. This had to be done while designing an RF section with great sensitivity and the world's best selectivity in keeping with the needs of low distortion. These values were achieved and they retain the Mclntosh reputation of outstanding performance, long life and reliability. Tuning in a station on the MR 80 is achieved electronically.
This assures long term trouble free operation. You can tune a station on the MR 80 four different ways.
1. Manual tuning by rotating the main tuning knob.
2. Auto Scan automatically searches for the next available station up or down in frequency.
3. Presets - allows you to select your four most listened to stations that can be tuned at the touch of your finger tip. This unit is in excellent cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1000.00



Tannoy System 6 NFM II (USED)

 The Dual Concentric design philosophy is world known for its precise stereo imagery and for the ease of finding sounds within a sound stage. The presentation of the sound image makes long production sessions much less fatiguing than with other monitoring systems because the brain does not have to work as haard correcting for acoustic anomalies in the time and frequency domains. This pair is in excellent condition and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $300.00


Cyrus Two with Cyrus PSX (British Excellence)

The Cyrus Two set the standard for ultimate audiophile amplification.  Designed to eliminate the extraneous aberrations caused by non-essential circuitry, the straight line Cyrus Two was “the” integrated amplifier for thepurest. The Cyrus engineers defined high current swing capability as being the most important criteria in amplifier design.  This is due to the reactive nature of loudspeakers requiring high currents rather than current-starved wattage.  Being able to deliver currents demanded by the loudspeaker readily ensures true reproduction of the complex musical signal.  At 50 Watts per channel the Cyrus Two can swing a substantial current of 60 Amps peak to peak. But it does not stop there, for music lovers demanding even greater power, the Cyrus Two can be upgraded with the addition of the Cyrus PSX outboard power supply. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $450.00


Apt Holman Preamplifier (1977-1983)

It was designed at the very height of recorded music's reign as the dominant form of home entertainment (home video was still years away), and was designed by none other than the brilliant Tom Holman, the inventor of 5.1 audio and the inventor of THX motion picture sound. It uses many ingenious and patented circuits. For instance, in addition to the stereo control, a brilliant volume control system actually varies the amplifier's gain for the best noise and distortion performance, instead of merely attenuating a larger gain as do other amplifiers. It allows us to control the level over a huge range with ease, and always keeps the channels perfectly balanced.  ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $350.00


Kanto Yumi Powered Bookshelf Monitors (House Demo)

Style and substance meet in the YUMI powered bookshelf speaker. Kanto’s flagship audio solution is proudly designed in Canada and features hand-built acoustic-wood cabinets packed to the brim with flexible input options, high-fidelity components, and serious sonic punch. A powerful Class A/B amplifier powers the 5” composite drivers, letting you crank the volume without worrying about distortion, while the 1” silk dome tweeters keep the highs tight and clear. Last Pair ON SALE FOR ONLY $250.00 (Retail Price is $399.00)


Audio Oasis Will Be Liquidating Our Entire In Store Inventory!!!!

It is with heavy heart I am announcing today that Audio Oasis will be closing down our retail operation in the next 4-6 weeks. First and foremost I want to thank all our loyal customers who over the past 20 years have made Audio Oasis one of the top five audio retailers in Canada. A great "shout out" to all the great customers who supported us over many years in business, will miss you all!

Please take advantage, while supplies last on exceptional saving on our remaining in-store stock.

All renaming in-store stock Merchandise prices have been slashed to wholesale or below wholesale pricing! Please drop by for some spectacular deals!!! Everything Must Go!!! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!!


Cable Clearance On NOW!!!!

AR Digital 1m Retail: $20.00 ON SALE $10.00
Ultalink Digital 1m Retail: $40.00 ON SALE $20.00
Micromega Digital 1.25m Retail: $50.00 ON SALE $25.00
AR Master 1m Retail: $20.00 ON SALE $10.00
High Diamond 1m Retail: $380.00 ON SALE $150.00
Piranha 1.8m Retail: $30.00 ON SALE $15.00
Ultralink Ultima MKII 1m Retail: $200.00 ON SALE $100.00
Ultralink Ultima MKII 2m Retail: $249.00 ON SALE $125.00
Kimber PBJ 1m Retail: $149.00 ON SALE $99.00
Ultalink Transmission 8ft Retail: $200.00 ON SALE $100.00
Dynamic Design Lotus 6ft Retail: $900.00 ON SALE $300.00 x 2


The P349 is a switching device that allows the user to select any pair of loudspeakers from a total of 8 pairs. All pairs are driven from a single program source consisting of a preamplifier and power amplifier. The McIntosh MQ101 and MQ102 or equalizers of other manufacturers can be connected between the preamplifier and power amplifier on any of the 8 speaker switch positions. Slide switches on the rear of the chassis can be set to by-pass the signal for speakers that are not designed to operate with an equalizer. Individual level controls are provided for the left and right channels for each speaker selector so they can be adjusted for equal acoustic output from each speaker. Speaker switch contacts have heavy-duty solid silver contacts rated at 6 amps, which can handle large amounts of audio power. The switch positions are inter-locked so that only one pair of speakers can be played at a time. The speaker grounds for the left and right channels are isolated from each other. An additional P349 console can be connected to the first console to expand the switching system to 16 pairs of speakers. An 11-pin socket at the rear panel provides 6.3 volts for lighting lamps that can be located on the speakers to indicate which speakers are playing. Pin #1 is for position #1, pin #2 is for position #2, etc. Pin 10 is a common ground. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $400.00


Nagaoka MP-110 phono cartridge

" provides a musical performance that is completely satisfying and fulfilling,while still having the ability to create those "oh, wow" moments..." ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $159.00


Audio Zone AMP-D2 Stereo Power Amplifier 250W Per Channel

March 2017 is the launch of the totally new designed Audio Zone AMP-D2 amplifiers. Now available in a 250W stereo into 8ohm or the 400W mono version into 8ohm will more than satisfy any of your power requirements. This completely new modular design was conceived to reproduce great sound in a very compact aluminum structure utilising high quality chassis design. Based on the reputation as very fast, high current performance with exceptional bass control and warm and spacious musicality to continue the pedigree at a very affordable price for performance. Drop in for an audition at out shop for an audition.


NAD 2155 Stereo Power Amplifier (Only One Left)

The 2155, which is simply the power amplifier section of the 3155 and 7155 packaged on a separate chassis, is NAD's building block amp, offering a variety of convenient and economical approaches to upgrading a stereo system for higher performance and power. The 2155 is an obvious choice if you want to upgrade from a low powered receiver or integrated amp, or if you are using a separate preamplifier. If you need still higher power, a pair of 2155's in the bridged mode deliver nearly three times as much power output for only twice the cost. This amp can also be bridged with another 2155 for mono use and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $175.00 EACH!

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