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Mass Fidelity Relay
Bluetooth Receiver
DAC/Bridge $299.00


Audio Zone Components
Audio Zone D1
We design and build the Audio Zone line of components. Our products have received many exceptional reviews both here and in the UK. Visit us at the store and hear them for yourself. We know you will be amazed.

Naim CD3 CD Player (Great Classic)

This player definitely deserves some serious attention.  Where this machine excels construction wise is the PCB layout, simplicity of digital section and cool mechanism. The grounding, the regulation, the capacitors - everything is from the best league, head and shoulders above the Philips / Marantz machines of that time. This CD3 sound is very dynamic, rhytmical, natural sounding. Unit comes with original packaging, manual, remote and cables and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $500.00


For Sale: Music Fidelity X-CAN V8 Headphone Amp & X-PSU V8 Power Supply....Like New Condition!

Like the V3, the X-CAN V8 has one pair each of RCA line-level inputs and outputs that simply receive the incoming signal and send it back out, replacing "lost" tape-monitor outs. It would have been better for many users had these line-outs gone through the V8's circuits and volume control. The X-CAN V8 adds a USB input on the rear panel, and a source toggle switch (USB/Line) on the front. And instead of just one, there are now two 1/4" headphone jacks. The Burr-Brown PCM2706 USB interface and DAC engage only when you use the USB input, which is said to work with Windows 98 or later, and Mac OS 9.1 and beyond. I had no problems with OSX 10.3.9. With the X-PSU V8, the bass tightened up. Dynamics improved slightly. The music emerged from an even more silent background - you know all that business about preamps and power supplies. In addition, the X-PSU V8 gives you an on/off switch, which is handy if you believe, as I do, in turning off equipment - particularly to prolong tube life. Both units are used but in excellent cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $750.00



Jungson JA-88E Integrated Amplifier (Very Clean)

The Jungson is what they call an "affordable audiophile" amplifier, selling new for reasonable rice. Part of low price of admission is undoubtedly attributed to the fact that it is manufactured in China. Don't let the Chi-fi label cause you much concern, though. This is an exceptionally well built piece of audio gear. It is rather light for an integrated (around 22 lbs), but has a nice solid chassis, and a thick milled, metal faceplate. The dual purpose volume and source selector control has a nice feel to it. As far as connections go, the back panel has 4 RCA inputs, and two RCA pre-amp outputs. Interestingly, the output connections seem to be of better quality than the RCA inputs. The amp also has one set of XLR inputs as well. Pretty rare at this price point.
Now to the important part - how does this amp sound? I have to say, for an amp at this price point, it sounds spectacular. The biggest strength of this amp is it's imaging. It simply images like crazy. My speakers weren't even in the room any more. It also has a nice, easy going, almost tube quality to it. It is certainly an amp that you could spend many hours listening to and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $550.00



TEAC A-2300SD Reel to Reel Tape Recorder (Nice)

The TEAC A-2300SD has all the features and functions of the A-2300SX, plus Integral Dolby noise reduction for a signal to noise reduction of 74dB. Dolby FM and FM Copy switches provide for complete flexibility when recording Dolby encoded FM broadcasts or copying other Dolby encoded sources. Switches allow you to record encoded and monitor decoded for better references. Other features include built-in Dolby calibration tone, Dolby record level controls for each of the bias and equalization positions and Dolby FM Copy level controls. This unit fully tested and in excellent cosmetic condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $450.00


Polk Audio Compact Home Theater System (Complete 5.1)

For sale is the amazing compact home theater package from Polk Audio consisting of 4 x RM6751 Monitors with the RM6762 Center Channel and the RM6750 8in 110W Powered Subwoofer. Add powerful sound to your home theatre with the Polk Audio RM6750 6-piece speaker system. All units are in excellent cosmetic and working condition. It's got everything you need including four satellites, one centre channel, and an 8" Subwoofer to give your entertainment true cinematic sound ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00



For sale a bbeautiful pair of speakers from COMPACT Model : XZ 1 /Pair Description 2 way 2 units vented
Tweeter : ScanSpeak D2904/600000 Mid-low woofer : Scanspeak 15W/8530K00 Recommended Power 10W-100W Sensitivity 85dB/W/m Frequency Response 50Hz-22000Hz Rated Impedance 6 ohms Dimension(W×D×H) 200×372×365 mm Weight 12Kg/26Lbs/each
This are little 5 1/2 inch woofers which are able of producing amazing bass,
true audiophile speakers. any one who ever listen to them will know .
I have heard pair at Montreal audio show. This were showstopper. Price new was $3400 a pair.
We have one pair of these rare speakers available. This are very rare in America. Made in China to the highest quality. Use original Scan Speak tweeters and drivers.hand carved wooden boxes.
Very popular in Europe, and Scandinavia and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,200.00


ORB amplifer JADE Soleil Black (NEW)

JADE Soleil is a headphone amplifier integrated amplifier with Class D amplifier using vacuum tubes of a bygone era with modern technology, an exquisite combination of old and new technology. ' Home smile like the Sun ' on the design concept is connected with passive loudspeakers, headphones, earphones, floor type, Bookshelf, compact, with high cost-performance amplifier which can be installed wherever you are in the living room, bedroom, desk, etc.. Brand new in original packaging and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $499.00


Matched Pair of Western Electric 300B REISSUE

For sale is a very nice pair of Matched Western Electric 300B 1st Reissue tubes in excellent condition. This pair has low hours of use and measure well. Western Corporation announced the reintroduction of the Western Electric 300B, but a series of delays slowed the actual reissue until the spring of 1997. The Western people claim to make the new 300B with the same quality materials and some of the same manufacturing molds and tooling as the old Western Electric 300B. They manufacture the tubes in the same Kansas City plant where they were previously made. Even twelve of the same employees who worked on the old 300B's--most working on that particular tube for over 30 years are now helping to manufacture it on their last production run. These tubes are rarely if ever seen on sale so don't wait as they are ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,650.00 (Local pick up ONLY)


ORB Jade Casa DSD Digital Converter (New)

We're very proud to introduce the Orb Jade Casa DSD dac to our customers. Designed and
built in Japan, utilizing high quality parts. We have tested over 60 different
digital front ends and the Orb Jade Casa is the best dac we have heard under
$2000.00. The Orb Jade Casa DSD dac uses a Burr Brown PCM1792A chip set. JADE casa DSD" is it possible to asynchronous transmission with USB2.0 High Speed ​​mode, in addition to the PCM up to sampling frequency 192kHz, to achieve the DSD transmission of 2.82MHz and 5.64MHz in the DoP / dCS method.  In the case of the Windows OS, install the driver, in the case of Mac OS X, you can enjoy high-resolution sound without the need for a dedicated driver. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $499.00


Asona Ltd Headphone Stand (New)

Stable multi-ply construction with real wood veneer. Ergonomic design styled for various headphone shapes. Created to prevent dirt and dust from entering ear cups. Shape avoids scuffing of headphones between listening sessions. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $69.95


Selenium 15PW3 15in Mid/Bass Wooffers Pair (New) 98db

For sale is a new pair of Selenium 15in woofers. An outstanding 15" for 2 way and 3 way enclosures. The 15PW3 is also a reliable upgrade with clean, warm low end and a smooth rise into the midrange. As a bass speaker, the tight low end and clean with a crisp upper midrange. The 15PW3 is also a reliable upgrade with clean, warm low end and a smooth rise into the midrange. All original packaging and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $180.00 for the PAIR


Audiosector Maxed Out TDA1543 NOS DAC by Peter Daniel

Selling my Audiosector DAC. NOS (Non oversampling) DAC. Highly regarded piece designed and made by Peter Daniels of DIYaudio. They often come case less but this one is housed in a beautiful Aluminum case with matching power supply. This is the upgraded version with black gate electrolytic caps. It also has a discrete Bobken regulator for the digital section (which was a special request item). This is the full blown version of Peter"s design tweaking the 1543 chip to the max with fully regulated power supply with selectable two digital inputs and Balanced XLR out. I've have the Audio Sector DAC and compared with a Peachtree Decco2 with Sabre DAC when used only as a DAC.  It's true that they don't sound anything alike.  I much prefer the Audio Sector's sound.  The Decco2's DAC sounded unnaturally airy.  Many might like this trait.  Decco2's implementation of the Sabre DAC might not be close to ideal.  However, I am not a fan of it's sonic characteristics. This exceptional version of Peter's DAC is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,500.00


KingRex T20U Amplifier with on-board DAC (BRAND NEW)

Considering the price of this beautifully designed and machined USB DAC/Amp, you'd be mad to buy a soundcard for your computer. Initially, just add a £1.99 USB lead and speakers for a musical experience so much more satisfying than a PCI card and the boom-tizz sat/sub monstrosities that have too long blighted our desktops. Measuring about the size of a hardback book, this lovingly crafted and compact convergent device delivers mellifluous musicality even in its 'base' specification, with a sound quality more akin to classic tube amplifiers than shrill transistors. This unit is (BRAND NEW) never used and comes with all original packaging and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $299.00


MSB Link DAC with 24/96 Upsampling

For sale is a cosmetically clean and great working MSB Link DAC.

Sound: Better than you will hear from most mass-market CD and DVD players; Impressive tonality and drive and soudstage spread.

Features: Coax and TosLink inputs, analog outputs, pass through inputs, front panel source and sampling indicators.

Use: Carefully select coaxial digital cable from a wide cross-section of alternatives, or consider using the TosLink interface, which for once, performs pretty well.

Value: Very high, will improve the sound of many DVD and CD players.



Sherwood RX-4508 200W AM/FM Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth(NEW)

If you need or want surround, there are plenty alternatives, but if you are looking for solid 2-channel playback, none of them are as straightforward as the RX-4508, and none of them will likely sound as good at the same price. The RX-4508 offers 2 regular analog inputs (for CD players and such), an MM phono input and AM/FM antenna input for the built in RDS tuner. There's no digital input, which I think is an omission that should really have been there. Then again, perhaps having Bluetooth is already enough. For the sound quality at least, as I will explain below, there is no need for a proper digital input. This unit is Brand New in all original packaging, manual,remote and warranty and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $249.00



Klipsch R-15PM POWERED MONITORS (Great Solution)

R 15 Pm  Product 1

The R-15PM powered monitors deliver room-filling sound without taking up much space. This highly efficient, powerful yet minimalist speaker engulfs listeners in their favorite movies and music. Each monitor includes a 1" aluminum diaphragm compression driver mated to 90° x 90° square Tractrix Horn and 5.25" copper spun magnetically shielded IMG woofer. - 1 x pair of RCA phono level inputs with switch for Phono/Line input versatility (Phono Pre-amp with ground screw terminal) -1 x USB digital audio from a PC or Mac single RCA line level output for connection to sub. -1 x Digital optical.-1 x 3.5mm mini jack line level.-Bluetooth® wireless technology. Full featured IR remote and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $799.00


Okki Nokki Vacuume Record Cleaning Machine (In Stock)u

The Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine is an exceptionally well-designed machine designed for the thorough and careful cleaning of all vinyl records. The Award Winning Okki Nokki is a quality product designed in the Netherlands and consists of a heavy-duty motor/turntable and vacuum system encased in a compact aluminum chassis. When used with the supplied goat hair cleaning brush, the forward/reverse turntable motion allows for extremely effective groove scrubbing. Once cleaned, the record can be vacuumed using the suction arm. The residual dirt and fluid is then removed by suction and transferred into the internal liquid reservoir, which is emptied via a waste tube tucked in the back of the aluminum case. Okki Nokki has dedicated suction arms for 7" and 10" records, available as options. Complete package brand new ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $699.00


Classic Garrard 401 MKII (Turntables by Jean Nantais)

For sale is Jean's latest creation. The Garrard 401 itself is in excellent condition as can be seen, and has been rebuilt and restored to dead quietness, rivalling the best belt-drives, via techniques used to earn an Upper Class A rating for his Reference Lencos by Salvatore and by other reviewers.  It includes the rare North American 60 Hz 401 platter with working strobe light and so is fully functional. It includes a new TJN thrust plate, sonically superior to other after-market thrust plates and which does not wear the Garrard main bearing shaft, and which greatly improves detail, bass, imaging, clarity, etc.  Included also are new Bearpaw footers which also improve the sound, and a new Herbie's mat, which is sonically suited to the Garrards, extracting the best sonic balance. The plinth is finished in a special hand-made veneer, from a form of maple, an accidental creation of nature which cannot be found elsewhere (Jean bought up the entire supply), which he calls "chocolate chip maple".  It is designed for 12" tonearms. Price of this Garrard package with a new 12-inch Jelco SA-750LB tonearm and Nagaoka MP-500 cartridge, a match made in heaven, is $8,000.00CAD, and can be auditioned.


Martin Logan Vista Pair (Near Mint)

For sale is a near mint pair of Martin Logan Vista speakers. Secured from the original owner this pair are in excellent cosmetic and working condition.  The Vista is Martin Logan's most affordable XStat™ equipped floor standing speaker. Incorporating ultra-high-resolution XStat™ and AirFrame™ technologies originally developed for the cost-no-object Summit™; Vista is capable of an exceptionally dynamic and realistic performance. A single aluminum cone woofer, compact cabinet, and bi-wire capable tool less binding posts further reinforce Vista's high-end pedigree. The result? A stellar performer at an exceptional price. New price was $4,500.00CAD and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,650.00


NAD D-1050 USB DAC (Used)

The D 1050 digital-to-analog converter combines over 40 years of NAD engineering excellence with a sleek new industrial design. This desktop-friendly DAC lets your computer and your hi-fi system or headphones make beautiful music together. The D 1050 accepts digital audio files from your PC via USB, bypassing your computer's built-in sound card for a far more exciting listening experience. You'll hear layers of musical detail previously obscured by the noisy environment inside your PC — the warm, natural decay of a guitar chord, or reverberations echoing in a concert hall. On your best recordings, each instrument and vocal will stand out clearly and distinctly in its own separate space, allowing you to follow each one note-for-note. This unit is in very good condition and comes with original packaging and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $375.00

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