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Audio Zone Components
Audio Zone D1
We design and build the Audio Zone line of components. Our products have received many exceptional reviews both here and in the UK. Visit us at the store and hear them for yourself. We know you will be amazed.

Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Preamplifier (Very Clean)

For sale is a vy nice Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 hybrid preamp in excellent cosmetic and working condition. The Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 preamp rose to fame in the 1990s as a giant-killer and was widely praised, reaching Class B on Stereophile's recommended components list. This one is in excellent condition. It uses a single tube and the SFL-1 has two preamp outs, tape ins and outs, and five line-level inputs. One is a direct input, which bypasses any non-essential signal paths and results in a slightly more dynamic sound. It has a mono switch and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $650.00


Kef iQ5 Floor Standing Speakers (Excellent)

For sale is a very clean pair of Kef Q5 speaker in excellent working condition. These speakers are petite, standing just over 80cm high, but the combination of a UNI-Q midrange unit and dedicated bass driver produces a sound of stunning scale and authority for something of this size. There’s little sign of the speaker holding back even when playing demanding music such as Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. KEF’s engineers have struck a great balance here. Put the iQ5s at the end of a good multi-thousand-pound stereo set-up and they’ll sing like little else at this price level. Local pick up only as we don't have the original packaging. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $450.00


Unison Research S2 SE EL-34 Class-A Integrated (Beauty)

For sale is a near mint Unison S2 EL-34 Class-A Integrated in excellent cosmetic and working condition. Italian style with old school EL34 class A valve push pull a cracking little amplifier for the price $800.00 be quick there is only one 1st come 1st served. All tubes were upgraded to Golden Lion and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $800.00


Lehmann Black Cube Statement (Black Cube Now Available)

With the huge resurgence in Vinyl replay worldwide we are expanding out analogue line for your enjoyment. Audio Oasis is pleased to announce the availability of the Lehmann line of Phono Preamp products at our shop. Starting with the affordable Statement starting at just $499.00 you can enjoy high quality sound.  Often when a manufacturer starts off and builds a reputation with a "value" product, the following years see a steady move upmarket, lured by bigger profit margins and delusions of grandeur. To a certain extent Lehmann Audio have done just that, but at the same time they haven't abandoned their roots, or their philosophy of offering something of real value to the struggling audiophile. The Statement is a fine and flexible phono amp from a well-established quality manufacturer that offers good value. Starting from ONLY $499.00


Marantz SA-15s1 SACD Player/Transport (Very Clean)

For sale is a very clean Marantz SA-15s1 SACD Player/Transport. Enjoy reference quality CD playback or the full magnificence offered by the CD and SA-CD format. The new SA-15S1 is the successor of the highly acclaimed CD-17 CD players. The cabinet is built in the new Marantz premium design without any visible screws, a heavy double layer chassis and a slightly blue illuminated front. The low noise LCD display shows information in a decent color. The quick and reliable working mechanism has a black surface to prevent any distortion of the laser light. The carefully read out digital data will be handled by the Crystal CS4397 D/A converter. For further sound improvements the CS4397 will be served with a high precision system clock to prevent any distortion from jitter. The output stage is built in current feedback topology with the HDAM modules offering a high bandwidth and fast signal handling needed for pure audiophile playback regardless the format. Enjoy the extraordinary sound quality of this exquisite component from the Marantz 15-series. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,200.00


Yamaha natural Sound CR-2040 70's Monster Receiver (Mint)

For sale is a mint condition Yamaha Natural Sound CR-2040 AM/FM 120W Stereo Receiver in excellent working condition. The CR-2040 has accurately matched performance specifications and controls which give an overall performance which fully measures up with Yamaha's high tuner, pre and power amplifier standards.The basic concept behind the design of the audio section includes an extremely high output power rating at which both noise and distortion are extremely low. A very wide dynamic range is achieved. Using direct assessment of differential gain enables the tuner to combine high-sensitivity with razor sharp tuning selectivity and ultra-low distortion in the tuner section. This unit is just back from Doug at DNA Electronics with complete restoration and printed specifications and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $750.00


Marantz PMD-501 Professional Cassette Deck 

For sale is a very clean Marantz PMD-501 Pro Cassette Deck in good cosmetic and working condition. 

  • Speed 1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s
  • Tape Chrome Tape Capability/Normal Tape Capability
  • Transport Mechanical Tape Loading/Auto Shutoff/Belt Drive (Capstan)/Single Capstan Transport
  • General Stereo
  • Head Configuration 4 Track / 2 Channel
  • Exterior 19-Inch EIA Rack Mounting/Front Loading/Orientation Left/Black Finish
  • Display3-Digıt Mechanical Counter/Digital Peak-Reading Meters
  • Operation Full Logic Transport Control
  • Connectivity Headphones and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $125.00

Yamaha K-960 Cassette Deck DBX 

For sale is a very nice Yamaha K-960 Cassette Deck with Dbx and in Good working and excellent cosmetic condition. when Yamaha's audio engineers decided to design a truly high performance cassette deck, they didn't overlook any details. First, they chose a two-motor transport, but redesigned the system to eliminate the instabilities of conventional two-motor designs. For the Rec/Playback head, they used the finest material available - Sendust - formed by a unique Yamaha process for absolute purity. With 5-layer core lamination and low impedance design, this head is superior to ordinary types in all respects. And for the best possible dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio, the dbx system was included. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $125.00


Carver A-220 Power Amp & Carver PSC-60 Preamp/Tuner Set

For sale is a very nice set consisting of a Carver A-220 Power Amplifier and a Carver PSC-60 Sonic Halography Preamp Tuner. The A-220 is a new two channel power aamplifier, inspired by Carver's renowned Lightstar technology. The aamplifier is based on the premise that its only job is to amplify the audio signal without making any alterations or adding any coloration to the sound. It accomplishes this through Total Direct Coupling™, a Carver innovation that eliminates the need for distortion-causing inductors on which typical aamplifier must rely to stabilize the aamplifier-speaker interface. B y eliminating these devices, the A-220 achieves a high damping factor at all frequencies, providing excellent low and high frequency sonic performance simultaneously. Once the domain of the most costly esoteric aamplifier designs, this kind of audio technology in the A-220's price range is nothing less than an audio breakthrough, placing it squarely n the Carver tradition. Here is a vintage Carver PSC-60 slim line Sonic Holography Tuner preamplifier. It is in good condition, tested and it is in good working order. Both units are ON SALE FOR ONLY $500.00


Classic 60's Dynaco ST-70 35W EL-34 Tube Amplifier (Vintage)

For sale is a very nice Dynaco ST-70 Stereo Tube amplifier from the late 60's. This unit is in good cosmetic and working condition and has the updated Hamond power transformer. This classic tube amplifier used to be the best value on the block.  This amp was designed to be inexpensive and to get maximum performance for dollar paid. David Hafler, the amp designer, made the cost containing compromises in a very clever way. For example, the power supply is wimpy by modern standards, but he biased the output tubes into Class A, so the current demands on the power supply are fairly constant regardless of program material. The input section is very simple; an input pentode, followed by a direct coupled split load inverter based on a triode. This topology was very popular at the time, and used the 7199 tube. There is an outer feedback loop that encloses the output transformer and input pentode. There is also a secondary feedback loop that is taken from the ultra-linear screen tap. Even with these two feedback loops, this amplifier very stable. From my measurements and listening tests, I believe that the Dyna ST-70 output transformers are of very good quality (at least the ones on my ST-70). ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $550.00


Classic Dynaco Pat 4 Solid State Preamp (Excellent)

For sale Dynaco PAT-4 in good working order. All switches are quiet and the volume control works well. I use the Aux input for CD and the tuner input. Case and face plate are in good condition with the associated wear conditions of a vintage piece. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $100.00


A&R Camridge A60 Classic British Integrated Amp (Clean)

For sale is a clean example of one of the 70's great audio achievements the A&R Cambridge A60 Integrated Amplifier. It was indeed a competitive market in which to launch a new product, but the brand new Amplification and Recording Company (Cambridge) Ltd., felt it had something special. The story had begun in John Dawson’s room at Trinity College Cambridge back in 1971. With his friend Brian Whitnall, John began making amplifier modules for friends. When classical guitarist John Williams visited the town to play Rodrigo’s Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, he needed reliable live amplification which sounded great. John duly obliged. Brian subsequently moved away, but John subsequently bumped into one Chris Evans at a Tape Recording Society meeting. In 1975 the two friends decided to make a hi-fi amplifier together, and in September 1976 the £140 A&R A60 was born. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $250.00


Integra DTR-7.1 Home Theater Receiver (Great Sound)

For sale is a very clean Integra DTR-7.1 Home Theater receiver in very good working and cosmetic condition. Unit comes with manual and remote. Whether you are building your first home theater or upgrading your existing system, you need a good, solid foundation. You also need a receiver that's not going to be obsolete in six months. And, preferably, one that offers a mix of high-end construction, full-bandwidth power, versatile digital processing, comprehensive connectivity and an attractive price. Well, you found it. In addition to built-in Dolby Digital, Pro Logic, DTS and DTS-ES Matrix decoding, this masterpiece of engineering decodes the latest surround-sound sensation - THX Surround EX-encoded DVD's - and provides 6.1 channels of independent amplification, so you can immediately enjoy the benefits of THX Surround EX (greater 3-D effects and sound location) without having to buy and hook-up an external amplifier. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $350.00


Heybrook TT2 Two Speed Belt Drive Turntable (Very Clean)

For sale is a very nice Heybrook TT2 turntable in very good working condition. Because the TT2 is designed as a complete system, the excellence of all component parts complement and enhance each other. The sheer mass and strength of the turntable keeps acoustical and mechanical resonances to an absolute minimum. The high quality of the drive system and moving parts ensures exceptionally quiet and stable operation. The extreme solidity of the design enables the arm and cartridge to track the record without being adversely affected by external sources. The resulting sound is clean, detailed and dynamic, with satisfying solidity and weight. Detail resolution is excellent and stereo imagery is precise and with good depth, allowing the listener to appreciate fully all aspects of the music. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $550.00


Klipsch K-Horn's 90's Era (Ultimate Klipsch)

For sale is a very nice pair of mid 90's Klipsch K-Horn in excellent working and cosmetic condition. The Legendary Klipschorn is Klipsch's first every product, beautifull walnut finish to brighten up any room.

  • Legendary 15-inch folded Horn
  • Compression Loaded Drivers
  • 105dB at 2.83v/meter
  • Made in the USA
  • ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $3,250.00


    Thorens TD-165 Turntable "Starter Package"

    For sale is an excellent Thorens TD-165 Turntable. This a two speed belt drive with suspended chassis (1972-1976). Unit comes with Ortofon VMS-20ED Mk II cartridge. This great starter package is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $350.00



    Pro-Ject Elemental USB (Affordable)

    For sale is the Pro_Ject Elemental USB turntable. Pro-Ject has decided to go after the cheap plastic turntable market with an high quality alternative that comes complete with an Ortofon cartridge. The new Elemental Phono USB table is a real "plug'n'play" all the way. No adjustment of counterweight and antiskating is needed, because both are pre-adjusted. This new straight tonearm is optimised for Ortofon OM cartridge series. All the buyer needs to do is remove it from the box, remove bearing guard, locate the belt around the platter, remove stylus guard and plug it into hifi system and computer. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $349.00


    Massif Solid Wood Turntable Platforms (NOW IN STOCK)

    Give your turntable the performance it deserves! Now available at AUDIO OASIS the revolutionary Massif Solid Hard Wood turntable platforms. Each unit is hand crafted from beautiful hardwood and hand stained to craftsman like finish. Basic platforms start at 1 and 2/8th inch thickness and come with four Solid Brass Cone adjustable feet. Custom thickness and various finishes are available on request at extra cost. Basic platforms start at ONLY $250.00.


    Onkyo TX-NR609 Audio/Video Receiver 7.2CH THX (Home Run)

    For sale is a very clean Onkyo TX-NR609 AV 7.2 THX Home Theater Receiver in very good condition. Features include THX® Select2 Plus™ Certified * HDMI® Support for 3D Video and Audio Return Channel * Network Capability Delivers Internet Radio and Network Audio Streaming via Ethernet * 4K Video Upscaling and Processing via Qdeo™ Technology * Audyssey DSX™ and Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz 100W x 7 with Remote and Manual and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $350.00


    Elac 310 Jet Pair Brand New (Special Deal)

    For sale is a Brand New pair of the fantastic ELAC 310 Jet speakers. Success story with crystalline clarity the amazing Jet tweeter will amaze any serious audiophile with sound quality not to be believed from a speaker of this size. This pair of 310's come with all original packaging and manufacturers warranty and are ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,695.00

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