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Closing on May 27th
Thank all our loyal customers who over the past 20 years have made Audio Oasis one of the top five audio retailers in Canada — we will miss you all!
Please take advantage of exceptional saving on our remaining in-store stock.
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Thank you to all our loyal customers who over the past 20 Years!!

Thank you to all our loyal customers who over the past 20 years have made Audio Oasis one of the top five audio retailers in Canada — we will miss you all!
Please take advantage of exceptional saving on our remaining in-store stock




Energy SA-180 12in Powered Subwoofer (Excellent)

This is a fabulous sub, a classic of its kind, but it's far more than I need or can really use. With a 12" driver, a steady output of 180 watts RMS and a peak of 720w (or nearly three-quarters of a kilowatt) it could shake the fillings from your teeth, cause an earthquake or get you evicted from the city, let alone your house. Seriously, though, it provides a beautifully deep, full and musical bass underpinning to any music and gives movie sound effects unforgettable punch. Set up and ready to audition. Price is OBO, original MSP was US$995. Very good cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00


Yamaha A-1000 Integrated Amplifier (Used)

The Yamaha A1000 integrated amp was their top model from 1982-1984, and offered almost all of the flexibility and performance of separates at a very attractive price. The fact that I still use it daily 25 years later speaks volumes for its build quality and durability*. In today’s market, an integrated amp with this level of performance would cost $2,000 or more. This unit is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $350.00


Gold Note Valore 425 Turntable with 2M Red (Display Model)

Last one in White Leather! Gold Note Valore 425 Turntable at huge savings. Whilst this turntable might be at the starting end of the Gold Note collection, it is by no means a budget player. The arm is based on the B5.1 (retails on its own for €790) which shows just how good this arm is, and the spindle and motor are inspired by the more expensive turntables. You get my point. And if you don’t like transparent looks, there is a choice of other finishes, which come in at an even cheaper price-point. Bass and mid were absolutely superb, and with a good fluidity and speed at all frequencies, with slightly forward and exciting sound, easily quantifying the price, even at today’s exchange rates.  Retail Price is $2,100.00 ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,250.00 with ORTOFONE 2M RED CARTRIDGE!!


HIFIMAN RE600 Songbird In-Ear Monitor (NEW)

Comfort is excellent since it is so small. Isolation is also quite good. Build quality of the cable and the phones is very good. Confort is excellent since it is so small. Isolation is also quite good. Build quality of the cable and the phones is very good. The resolution is very high, nice textures and details. The soundstage is very well presented and wide. I found low sibilance in the highs even in recordings very good. This is a BRAND NEW PAIR and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $199.00.


Pair of Lowther PM6C Drivers (Very Good Condition)

For sale is a Pair of Lowther PM6C drivers in very good working and cosmetic condition. Surrounds are great and they are waiting for a good cabinet. Ideal for SET low power amplifiers. Many Lowther cabinet plans available on the internet for your DIY project. ON SALE NOW FOR THE PAIR AT $500.00 FIRM!


Audio Oasis Will Be Liquidating Our Entire In Store Inventory!!!!

It is with heavy heart I am announcing today that Audio Oasis will be closing down our retail operation in the next 4-6 weeks. First and foremost I want to thank all our loyal customers who over the past 20 years have made Audio Oasis one of the top five audio retailers in Canada. A great "shout out" to all the great customers who supported us over many years in business, will miss you all!

Please take advantage, while supplies last on exceptional saving on our remaining in-store stock.

All renaming in-store stock Merchandise prices have been slashed to wholesale or below wholesale pricing! Please drop by for some spectacular deals!!! Everything Must Go!!! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!!



The P349 is a switching device that allows the user to select any pair of loudspeakers from a total of 8 pairs. All pairs are driven from a single program source consisting of a preamplifier and power amplifier. The McIntosh MQ101 and MQ102 or equalizers of other manufacturers can be connected between the preamplifier and power amplifier on any of the 8 speaker switch positions. Slide switches on the rear of the chassis can be set to by-pass the signal for speakers that are not designed to operate with an equalizer. Individual level controls are provided for the left and right channels for each speaker selector so they can be adjusted for equal acoustic output from each speaker. Speaker switch contacts have heavy-duty solid silver contacts rated at 6 amps, which can handle large amounts of audio power. The switch positions are inter-locked so that only one pair of speakers can be played at a time. The speaker grounds for the left and right channels are isolated from each other. An additional P349 console can be connected to the first console to expand the switching system to 16 pairs of speakers. An 11-pin socket at the rear panel provides 6.3 volts for lighting lamps that can be located on the speakers to indicate which speakers are playing. Pin #1 is for position #1, pin #2 is for position #2, etc. Pin 10 is a common ground. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $400.00


Audio Zone AMP-D2 Stereo Power Amplifier 250W Per Channel

March 2017 is the launch of the totally new designed Audio Zone AMP-D2 amplifiers. Now available in a 250W stereo into 8ohm or the 400W mono version into 8ohm will more than satisfy any of your power requirements. This completely new modular design was conceived to reproduce great sound in a very compact aluminum structure utilising high quality chassis design. Based on the reputation as very fast, high current performance with exceptional bass control and warm and spacious musicality to continue the pedigree at a very affordable price for performance. Drop in for an audition at out shop for an audition.


Musical Fidelity X-Can Tube Headphone Amplifier (Great Sound)

I have used this amplifier for a month to drive my Sennheiser HD-600. This amp is much more powerful and sounds way better than the headphone output of my Bryston preamp.The bass is awsome: very fast and strong. The power is sufficient to drive my HD-600 at the highest level. The sound is exciting, upbeat, clear and balanced.  This unit is in very good condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00


Micromega MyZinc Headphone Amplifier (NEW)

A real amplifier for your headphones, because they deserve the same care and attention as your speakers. It is really easy to use, adjust the volume using the aluminium wheel. The MyZIC goes into standby mode automatically when no signal is being received. A professional quality NEUTRIK jack has been incorporated into the box to guarantee a stable, long-lasting connection. The MyZic has an ultra-silent power supply which maintains the precision of your audio signal. 4 available brand new in all original packaging at our SPECIAL PRICE OF $125.00 EACH!


Klipsch Gate "In Stock"

The Klipsch Gate seamlessly connects your legacy audio products to the all-new Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System.  Simply connect the Klipsch Gate to any audio source (CD player, turntable, etc.) to playback its content throughout your home, or plug the Klipsch Gate into a powered audio system (receiver, sound bar, stereo, etc.) to stream music directly to your speakers.


  • Connects seamlessly to your home Wi-Fi network
  • Controlled from smartphone or tablet using Klipsch Stream App or DTS Play-Fi App.
  • 3.5mm analog audio input + output
  • Lossless audio quality through DTS Play-Fi integration
  • Small design for easy placement
  • Retail at $269.00

INSTORE SPECIAL LIQUIDATION PRICE!!!! $179.00 While Supplies Last!!!


John Blue JB8 Floor Standing Full Range Speaker Pair (Amazing)

The flagship of John Blue Audio,the JB8 Floor standers enclosure is crafted using 24mm thick high pressured bonded MDF.Within the enclosure,the use of proprietary damping material and unique wave chambers effectively suppresses internal acoustic standing waves and enclosure resonance. Frontal of the enclosure features thickly stacked machined from a single cut,that double in their duty by providing added structural cross bracing for added rigidity, Each pair of JB8 is fully laminated with SOLID cherry wood veneer and hand buffed to a achieved a low sheen subtle shine. Efficiency : 93 dB / W / m Impedance : 8 Ohm Max power : 30 W Dimensions H x W x D : 1050 x 300 x 360 mm Weight : 90 kg/pair. Local pick up only. Retail New $9,000.00USD ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $2,000.00CAD




Klipsch Status Headphones (Amazing)

For sale is the fantastic Klipsch Status headphones. Perfected with pristine yet virtually indestructible materials and fine leather accents for unsurpassed comfort, we have packed over six decades of technology and acoustic prowess into the Klipsch STATUS so you can have the style you demand with the sound you deserve and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $199.00 (Retail Price is $449.00)


HRT Microstreamer (Pocket Rocket (USED)

For sale is the fully portable HRT Microstreamer.  From the get-go it compelled me to keep listening with an addicting liveliness quotient, a potent sense of pace, dynamic energy and solid image placement. Gone is the narrowed, crowded sound staging and ephemeral imaging and sloppy bass reproduction that dogged earlier USBs. Used with Apple USB adapter can be used as a portable device from your iPhone and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $100.00


Audioengine A3 USB 24 Bit DAC Built in Headphone Amp (NEW)

For sale is the compact Audioengine A3 USB DAC. Connect D3 to a USB port on your Mac or PC and send high-quality music to your headphones or any audio system.- D3 includes a USB DAC and headphone amplifier for incredible audio performance in a portable design.- Audioengine D3 is the perfect intro to computer audio! at 24 bit up to 192Khz sampling rates and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $100.00


Audio Technica AT150MLX MM Phono Catridge (One of the Best)

In stoc and for sale is the excellent brand new Audio Technica AT150MLX Moving Magnet cartridge. MicroLine® shaped diamond tip. Vector-Aligned cartridge for outstanding channel separation, very low distortion and superb tracking. Gold-plated boron cantilever provides an extremely rigid yet lightweight platform. PCOCC wire; mu-metal shielding plate and ON SALE (No Charge Intalation)  NOW FOR ONLY $549.00


REGA FONO MC version 

For sale is a very nice Rega Fono preamp in good working and cosmetic condition. This is the Moving Coil version of the Fono line and their is only a way more expensive Moving Coil preamp available from Rega at this time. Considered as one of the best entry level Moving Coil phono preamps available it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00


ADL H118 Headphones Distributed by Furutech (NEW)

For sale is the fantastic H118 headphones by ADL. These are Dynamic Closed Back Design, Low Distortion, 40mm extra large Neodymium Magnet, Excellent Transient Response, 3.0 Cable and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $159.00


Audio Zone PRE-T2(NEW) TVC Passive Preamp with XLR and RCA in/out

For sale is the new just released Audio Zone TVC passive preamp. This unit has 1 set XLR in/out and 3 sets of RCA in and 1 set of RCA out. Features also include a 6dB gain setting available for more output gain. Built from solid Aluminum panels brushed and anodized with dark charcoal solid .25in Aluminum side panels, gold RCA jacks and Nutrix XLR connectors and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,000.00