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Audio Zone Components
Featured Item

Mass Fidelity Relay
Bluetooth Receiver
DAC/Bridge $299.00



Nagaoka MP-110 phono cartridge

" provides a musical performance that is completely satisfying and fulfilling,while still having the ability to create those "oh, wow" moments..." ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $159.00


Audio Zone AMP-D2 Stereo Power Amplifier 250W Per Channel

March 2017 is the launch of the totally new designed Audio Zone AMP-D2 amplifiers. Now available in a 250W stereo into 8ohm or the 400W mono version into 8ohm will more than satisfy any of your power requirements. This completely new modular design was conceived to reproduce great sound in a very compact aluminum structure utilising high quality chassis design. Based on the reputation as very fast, high current performance with exceptional bass control and warm and spacious musicality to continue the pedigree at a very affordable price for performance. Drop in for an audition at out shop for an audition.


High Efficiency Selenium 15 in Coax in Custom Cabinet (96db)

For sale is a High Efficiency Custom Speaker using the excellnet Selenium 15 in Coax Drivers. The Selenium is an all paper cone, dual concentric (Like Tannoy) driver with stunning specifications and great sound. Sensitivity is 96db so they are very efficient and easy to drive but can handle huge power up to 250W. Frequency response is 40-20,000k for a full spectrum sound. Properly designed cross-over supplied with the drivers to give you a smooth and extended-range response. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY! ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $600.00


NAD 2155 Stereo Power Amplifier (Old School NAD)

The 2155, which is simply the power amplifier section of the 3155 and 7155 packaged on a separate chassis, is NAD's building block amp, offering a variety of convenient and economical approaches to upgrading a stereo system for higher performance and power. The 2155 is an obvious choice if you want to upgrade from a low powered receiver or integrated amp, or if you are using a separate preamplifier. If you need still higher power, a pair of 2155's in the bridged mode deliver nearly three times as much power output for only twice the cost. This amp can also be bridged with another 2155 for mono use and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $175.00 EACH!


Analogue Acoustics 13W Tube Integrated Amplifier (NEW)

Just arrived the great sounding Analogue Acoustic Tube Integrated amplifier. Power rating is 13W per channel in a compact size with surprising gain. Tube compliments are 6N1 and 6P3 for excellent tonal balance. This amplifier will drive speakers of 88db or higher, no problem. Visit our shop for an audition today! This a great inexpensive way to experience the wonderful sound of tubes at a very affordable price. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $599.00


Quad 303/33/FM3 Set (Great British Classic)

For sale is a very nice set of vintage Quad 303 Stereo Power amplifier, 33 Preamp and FM3 Tuner. All units are in very good working and cosmetic condition. By the mid-1960s, the transistor had made such broad inroads into audio that even valve die-hards like Quad, McIntosh, Leak and Radford were having to produce both. Quad launched the 33 pre-amplifier and 303 stereo power amplifier in 1967 after a typically long gestation period. Many have noted that the Quad 33 is in many ways a solid-state Quad 22. Quad employee Roger Hill notes that, 'If you look at the Quad 22 and the Quad 33. The complete set including cables is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $650.00


Saidi Audio VC-10 Vacum Record Cleaning Machine (NEW)

February 2017 launch of the BRAND NEW Saidi Audio VC-10 Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine. This compact and affordable VC-10 will get all your vinyl sparkling clean with it's powerful vacuum and ease of use.  The VC-10 is one incredibly stout and powerful vacuum record cleaner. This stunning machine does a superb job cleaning your records. The interlocking alloy chassis is gorgeous to look at, easy to clean, and doesn't warp or degrade like wood models. The high powered vacuum system really sucks the muck out of the grooves and fully drys your record in one rotation. This saves time and reduces heat and static exposure to your records during the process. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $599.00


Music Hall MMF 2.2 DEMO with Extra's (Great Price)

The tonal balance of the MMF 2.2, which comes via the UK, is weighted squarely in the midrange, albeit with a little more upper?midrange, lower?highs energy than I like, but which seems to appeal to contemporary British tastes for a little extra brilliance. The low end plumbs no depths—probably a good thing, given the lack of suspension—but is well balanced with nice enough definition. The strength of the both the MMF 2.2  is that it embodies the analog warmth that many like. This unit is a STORE DEMO and it is in excellent cosmetic and working condition comes with Music Hall Tracker Cartridge and Optional Acrylic Platter ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $479.00


AMC 3025a - Stereo Integreated Amplifier, 30W x 2

Bottom Line: This amp is excellent value for money. Looks like & is pretty similar to the NAD amplifiers, only AMC include a remote control  and MM/MC Phono preamp. Despite only being a 30 watt amp, it kicks but over many of the same and greater power. Sound is very good, compact size, easy to use, full range of inputs & preout etc. This unit is in excellent cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $250.00


SAIDI AUDIO SD-20 Belt Drive Turntable (New)

For sale is the excellent Saidi Audio SD-20 Belt Drive Turntable. Just in at our shop and it looks to be winner! Features include a beautifully machined stainless steel Plater and Sub-patter a standard built in Quartz Speed Box and a standard MM/MC Phono Preamp and a standard AT MM Phono Cartridge and standard Record Clamp and 24V DC Motor all in one incredible package at one amazing price of JUST ONLY $1,499.00

Power : DC 24V
Speed : 33 1/3  and 45 rpm
Driving : Belt drive
Dimension : 460mm(W)x360mm(D)x160mm(H)
Net weight : 13 kg
Motor : AC 12V
G.W. : 18 KG
Tachometer : 1.0000~9999.9
RIAA accuracy : 20Hz to 20KHz
Input impedance : 47KΩ
Output impedance : 200Ω
Shaft material : zirconia ceramics & high magnetic ring



HiFiMan EF2C USB-DAC Headphone Amplifier

The HiFiMan EF2C combines the beautiful, warm sound signature of vacuum tubes with the advantages of low distortion and high S/N rate from the solid-state amplifier. Its hybrid design employs two 6J1 tubes for its input stage and incorporates the OPA2604 along with discrete components for its output. The EF2C is meticulously designed for the most discriminating music listeners who demand the best performance and value. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $229.00


Musical Fidelity X-Can Tube Headphone Amplifier (Great Sound)

I have used this amplifier for a month to drive my Sennheiser HD-600. This amp is much more powerful and sounds way better than the headphone output of my Bryston preamp.The bass is awsome: very fast and strong. The power is sufficient to drive my HD-600 at the highest level. The sound is exciting, upbeat, clear and balanced.  This unit is in very good condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00


Micromega MyZinc Headphone Amplifier (NEW)

A real amplifier for your headphones, because they deserve the same care and attention as your speakers. It is really easy to use, adjust the volume using the aluminium wheel. The MyZIC goes into standby mode automatically when no signal is being received. A professional quality NEUTRIK jack has been incorporated into the box to guarantee a stable, long-lasting connection. The MyZic has an ultra-silent power supply which maintains the precision of your audio signal. 4 available brand new in all original packaging at our SPECIAL PRICE OF $149.00 EACH!


Audio Analogue Crescendo Integrated Amplifier (NEW)

A fluid, valve-like sound is a key part of the Audio Analogue ethos, but the price precludes use of thermionic valves in a mainstream unit like the Crescendo amplifier.This is the reason why it is solid-state, but it is no surprise that it has more than a hint of the aural qualities of a valve amplifier. To put it at its simplest, the Crescendo is warm, expansive and, at times, even a bit luxuriant, which with many types of music material works really well. The crescendo renders the architecture of the music with real swagger and passion. This unit is Brand New and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $899.00 (NEW RETAIL IS $1,350.00


AR WS-650D 6.5" Round Ceiling Coaxial Speaker (pair) NEW

6.5" Round Ceiling Coaxial Speaker

  • 2-way ARCHITECTURAL Speaker
  • 6.5" carbon fiber cone with a butyl rubber
  • A coaxial mounted 1" mylar dome tweeter
  • Includes removable steel mesh grills
  • Built-in mounting brackets
  • Installation instructions included
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency response: 60-20KHz
  • Power handling: 40W
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB 1W/1m



Indoor/Outdoor AR-435 white 4" 35W - pair (New)

  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Power input (RMS): 35 Watts
  • Frequency response: 70Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Woofer: 4" polypropylene
  • Tweeter: 3/4" hard dome
  • Enclosure: Diecast polymer
  • Dimensions: 210mm(8-1/4")H x 145mm(5-3/4")W x 135mm(5-1/4")D
  • Weight: 1.5kg (3.3lbs) each
  • Mounting brackets included

ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $49.00 (Retail for $99.00)


Cambridge Audio DacMagic (The Original) Used

The Cambridge comes with a choice of three inputs: two digital (with a choice of optical and coaxial) and one USB. The big kicker for audiophiles is the inclusion of balanced XLR outputs, which means you can get the best quality signal out of the device and into a system that supports it. The box also comes with a digital pass-through as well, which means you can bypass the DacMagic if you like. The only downside is that the box doesn't come with a remote control, so you have to get up and change the input manually. This unit is in very good cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00


Quad 405 Stereo Poweramp (Great British Classic)

This is something we don't see too often: an entirely new approach to power amplifier design. As Quad points out in its literature for the 405, class-A operation of transistors provides the lowest distortion, but drastically limits the amount of power an output transistor can deliver without overheating. (Most transistor amps use class-AB output operation, in which each of a pair of power transistors handles part of each signal cycle and shuts down during the other part. Imperfect synchronism between the two halves causes the familiar "crossover distortion," which accounts for most solid-state sound. This 405 is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $400.00


TEAC PD-501HR CD Player with 5.6MHz DSD Disc Native Playback (DEMO)

You sale BIG on DEMO SALE!!! The PD-501HR is a high-quality disc player with 5.6MHz DSD file native playback and up to 24bit/192kHz PCM on recordable DVD discs. Featuring unique VACS (Vibration Acoustic Control Structure) to control vibrations, separate power supplies for analog and digital sections, the PD-501HR really is an uncontested disc player. n Japan, the PD-501HR have received some prizes of an audio equipment.
The VGP(Visual Grand Prix) is a prize of equipments of audio and visual that is most famous prize in the market of the AV equipments. The PD-501HR received the VGP award.
The AEx(Audio Excellence Award) is a prize of pure audio equipments. The PD-501HR received the AEx award and the AEx extra award. 
This unit comes with all original packaging, manual, remote and ON SALE NOW WITH 20% OFF IN-STORE PRICE! SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!


Pro-Ject Speed Box SE II (used)

The Quartz-controlled oscillator of the Speed Box SE II generates clean AC-power without mains distortion. Power outputs are galvanic decoupled from the input current. Many turntables in the market (including all the Pro-ject models) use AC synchronous motors and the Speed Box SE II can be used for ultimate speed consistency and electronic speed change between 33 and 45rpm. Additionally, speed can be altered in graduated steps on either setting.

Following models may not be used with the Speed Box SE II: Pro-Ject 1.2 E, Debut Phono, Debut Phono USB, Debut III E, Debut III/Phono SB, 1Xpression III Comfort, 2Xperience Comfort, RPM 6.1 SB, RPM 6.1 SB SuperPack, RPM 9.1 SuperPack und Xtension  

** 78 r.p.m. is not available with the Essential (all models), Debut III E, 2Xperience Comfort, 2Xperience Acryl, 2Xperience Classic, 2Xperience SuperPack, 6perspeX, 6perspeX SuperPack, RPM 1.3 Genie, RPM 9.1, RPM 9.1 SuperPack, RPM 9.1 Acryl, RPM 9.2 Evolution and RPM 10.1 Evolution.


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