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Audio Zone Components
Audio Zone D1
We design and build the Audio Zone line of components. Our products have received many exceptional reviews both here and in the UK. Visit us at the store and hear them for yourself. We know you will be amazed.

Klipsch R-15PM POWERED MONITORS (Great Solution)




Rega RP8 with Apheta Cartridge Package (Very Lightly Used)

For sale is the stunning Rega PR8 Turntable with the Apheta cartridge combination in near mint condition, This has seen very light use and is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. The RP8 represents probably the biggest step forward in the evolution of Roy Gandy’s turntable design philosophies. Low mass, high rigidity plinths combined with electronically controlled low vibration motors, high flywheel effect platters and lower mass higher stability tonearms. The RP8 is the first of our new “skeletal” design turntables offering groundbreaking levels of performance and amazing value for money. The RP8 will also be available with its perfect partner, the Apheta moving coil cartridge, factory fitted as a package option.TTPSU power supplyThe compact TT-PSU uses a high stability, crystal locked, low distortion sine wave generator. This, along with an efficient drive amplifier fed from a stabilised DC power supply, generates a 24V AC balanced signal of less than 0.05% distortion, which is completely un-affected by any changes in the mains/line voltage and conditions. This then drives the improved Rega anti-vibration circuit built into the RP8 motor PCB. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $2,895.00 (New Retail is $4,995.00)


Kenwood KD-990 Quartz PLL Direct-Drive Auto Lift Up Turntable

For sale is a very clean Kenwood KD-990 is a 2-speed, direct-drive turntable system with fitted J-shaped. Drive system: direct drive, Motor: quartz PLL coreless and slotless DC servo motor, Platter: 330mm aluminium alloy die-cast, Speeds: 33 and 45rpm, Wow and flutter: less than 0.02% WRMS, Rumble: better than -80dB (weighted), Tonearm: static balance type, J-shape tube, Effective length: 245mm, Overhang: 15mm, Tracking force range: 0 to 3g, Usable cartridge range: 2 to 12g, Dimensions: 490 x 182 x 410mm, Weight: 13.7kg. Local pick up only and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $695.00


Esoteric P-700 CD Transport (World Class Transport)

 High-precision mechanism featuring VRDS. In our newly developed Vibration-Free Rigid Disc Clamping System mechanism, the slightly concave turntable is above the disc which is held against it by upward pressure exerted by a large-diameter disc clamper, for higher stability. This new disc clamping system, with the disc held tightly between the turntable which has the same diameter as the disc and a precisely aligned clamper, corrects any  warping or eccentricity of the disc, so that the microscopic pits are always traced accurately by the center beam of the laser pickup. Another advantage of the system is that it minimizes any undesirable vibrations of the disc. Unit comes with original packaging and remote and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $385.00



Mark Levinson 380 State of the Art Preamplifier

This is the pre-amp in the 2-channel Music side of any high end system., it is very transparent and natural sounding, it really pleases me. It is nice when you sit down and listen to the music, not the CD player or Amp. The ML is a preamp that does the extremely well. Controls are simple and straight forward, Very easy user interface. and comes wuth remote supplied remote.  The sound of this preamp is very natural,  not colored. If anything, it is perhaps a touch darker than neutral, which is fine, great for speakers have some bright tendencies. Detail is great, you hear everything your input produces, which is sometimes a curse, cause some CD's are just not recorded well. On a good recording with a good player that is not already dark, rhis pre-amp does magic. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $2,500.00


Okki Nokki Vacuume Record Cleaning Machine (In Stock)u

The Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine is an exceptionally well-designed machine designed for the thorough and careful cleaning of all vinyl records. The Award Winning Okki Nokki is a quality product designed in the Netherlands and consists of a heavy-duty motor/turntable and vacuum system encased in a compact aluminum chassis. When used with the supplied goat hair cleaning brush, the forward/reverse turntable motion allows for extremely effective groove scrubbing. Once cleaned, the record can be vacuumed using the suction arm. The residual dirt and fluid is then removed by suction and transferred into the internal liquid reservoir, which is emptied via a waste tube tucked in the back of the aluminum case. Okki Nokki has dedicated suction arms for 7" and 10" records, available as options. Complete package brand new ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $699.00


Classic Garrard 401 MKII (Turntables by Jean Nantais)

For sale is Jean's latest creation. The Garrard 401 itself is in excellent condition as can be seen, and has been rebuilt and restored to dead quietness, rivalling the best belt-drives, via techniques used to earn an Upper Class A rating for his Reference Lencos by Salvatore and by other reviewers.  It includes the rare North American 60 Hz 401 platter with working strobe light and so is fully functional. It includes a new TJN thrust plate, sonically superior to other after-market thrust plates and which does not wear the Garrard main bearing shaft, and which greatly improves detail, bass, imaging, clarity, etc.  Included also are new Bearpaw footers which also improve the sound, and a new Herbie's mat, which is sonically suited to the Garrards, extracting the best sonic balance. The plinth is finished in a special hand-made veneer, from a form of maple, an accidental creation of nature which cannot be found elsewhere (Jean bought up the entire supply), which he calls "chocolate chip maple".  It is designed for 12" tonearms. Price of this Garrard package with a new 12-inch Jelco SA-750LB tonearm and Nagaoka MP-500 cartridge, a match made in heaven, is $8,000.00CAD, and can be auditioned.


Martin Logan Vista Pair (Near Mint)

For sale is a near mint pair of Martin Logan Vista speakers. Secured from the original owner this pair are in excellent cosmetic and working condition.  The Vista is Martin Logan's most affordable XStat™ equipped floor standing speaker. Incorporating ultra-high-resolution XStat™ and AirFrame™ technologies originally developed for the cost-no-object Summit™; Vista is capable of an exceptionally dynamic and realistic performance. A single aluminum cone woofer, compact cabinet, and bi-wire capable tool less binding posts further reinforce Vista's high-end pedigree. The result? A stellar performer at an exceptional price. New price was $4,500.00CAD and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,800.00


Cambridge Audio Azur 840C CD Player Transport (Excellent)

For sale is a very clean Cambridge Audio Azur 840C CD Player Transport. Music through the 840C had an organic “rightness” and fundamental musicality that’s hard to describe. I heard a sonic coherence that translated to an enhanced ability to hear into the music and understand it more deeply. This was partly the result of the 840C’s remarkable ability to keep individual instrumental lines distinct, and partly because of the player’s tremendous sense of ease, smoothness, and liquidity. This player is amazingly free from midrange glare (often manifested on the leading edges of piano notes) and metallic hardness in the treble. Despite the 840C’s utter grace and ease, the player is tremendously good at resolving fine detail. This rare combination of ease and resolution is an important factor in musical involvement and long-term listening satisfaction. All original packaging and remote and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $699.00


NAD D-1050 USB DAC (Used)

The D 1050 digital-to-analog converter combines over 40 years of NAD engineering excellence with a sleek new industrial design. This desktop-friendly DAC lets your computer and your hi-fi system or headphones make beautiful music together. The D 1050 accepts digital audio files from your PC via USB, bypassing your computer's built-in sound card for a far more exciting listening experience. You'll hear layers of musical detail previously obscured by the noisy environment inside your PC — the warm, natural decay of a guitar chord, or reverberations echoing in a concert hall. On your best recordings, each instrument and vocal will stand out clearly and distinctly in its own separate space, allowing you to follow each one note-for-note. This unit is in very good condition and comes with original packaging and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $375.00


Rega DAC (Brand New)

Rega uses a straightforward approach with no upsampling. Terry Bateman, Rega’s digital designer, said, “I wanted to keep the signal path to a minimum.  We didn’t use upsampling with the Saturn or the ISIS, and I wanted to follow the same spirit of these units.  Those users with a high-quality sound card can upsample there if they prefer.  The Wolfson WM8805 and WM8742 chips running at the incoming sample rates do a great job on their own, along with a nice drop of  “old school audio mojo.” The Rega DAC also shares its buffer circuitry with the Rega CD players, which has been one of the aspects of their design that has been overbuilt from the beginning. Rega’s CD players have a much larger buffering capacity than most, adding to the natural sound. This unit is a display model only never used and in new condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $600.00


Carver M-400 Silver Series 200W of Pure Dynamite

If you are browsing this listing, then you know what you are looking for - the Carver M-400!  This model is the generation of the famous M-400 series "cube" amps Bob Carver produced.  "The design for this amp was inspired by a clock he (Bob) saw at Tiffany's in the shape of a lustrous golden cube, which gave him the notion of trying to build a high-powered amplifier in a similar package." (1) The M-400 has the "Silver-finish" where trademark of all the ancestor models are the much older original M-400 and then the M-400a "Silver-finish" series.  Carver's goal with the M-400 models was making these amps sound more "tube-like" sounding. Power rating is a solid 200W per channel into 8ohm loads and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $300.00


Bang and Olufsen Beogram 1602 Turntable (Nice)

Now, I gotta admit, this is a great turntable. The sound is spot on, the suspension of the platter is one of the best I've used. The table is very quite, and for me, allows me to hear the sounds of the record and nothing else. Mine has no rumble, and no feedback issues. Something that I've run into with other turntables. This 1602 is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $250.00


Edwards Audio TT1SE Turntable (Rega Hot Rod)

The TT1SE features a smart low mass LDF plinth onto which are mounted the 115V AC motor, a EA202 arm and a precision made brass bearing housing. The inner platter runs on a custom made ceramic 5mm bearing which runs in a specially produced light synthetic machine oil designed for Formula 1 applications. This is all topped off with a 12 mm custom made Acrylic platter driven by our own custom made ‘Little Belter’ Blue belt and supported on 3 rubber isolation feet, designed to compliment the mass of the turntable. This stunning package is available from around $999.00 

WHF 5 stars


Audioengine B1 Premium Bluetooth® Music Receiver (NEW)

B1 is a high-fidelity audio component that easily integrates into your music system and plays music directly from your library or streams from any app. The B1 streams high-quality audio from your Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone, computer, or tablet to any music system or powered speakers. The B1 is a simple way to get great-sounding wireless music from your device out to any music system. Setup and pairing is really easy and no special software is needed. Here’s how to connect B1 to your music system and pair with your tablet, computer, or smartphone and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $249.00


VPI JMW Memorial 9 Tonearm (One of the Best)

For sale is the great VPI JMW Memorial 9 tonearm. The JMW Memorial tonearm is the culmination of years of research into the mechanics of tonearm design, and is an assault on the state of the art of analog reproduction at a time of renewed interest in vinyl playback. The arms uses no mechanical anti-skating adjustment Very good condition ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,000.00



Elipson’s Planet L spherical speakers make quite the design statement in any room. These are no mini spheres; they’re big old eyeballs, as many a visitor to S+I HQ called them — the sphere diameter is 29cm, and they seem even bigger. When combined with their accompanying silver cylinder-section of a Music Center (sic), you have a complete and simple system. There is much detail to talk about here, which may make things sound clever and complex, and you can certainly option it up with additional equipment, as did we. But this remains one for the aesthetes, in terms of having just that beautifully-styled cake-tin control unit combining built-in amplification with CD player, digital radio and streaming sources, and then those spherical speakers with their surprisingly heavy stands that hide the cables within. You can clear out the rest of the house, and relax. Because while things may look fab, this is not a triumph of design over performance. The sphere is a good shape for hi-fi. Things are great all over. Please drop by our shop for an audition and check out the surprisingly affordable modern audio system!


Epos Epic Bookshelf Speakers (ON SPECIAL) $349.00

We have a few pairs left of the Epos Epic 1 bookshelf speakers in Black Ash finish at a special promotional price of $349.00CAD. " To sum up, then, the Epos Epic 1’s are really rather clever little speakers, both firmly in the Epos tradition and yet absolutely up to date in terms of convenience and flexibility. I think the company may have a winner on its hands with this range if they’re all as good as this.


BOSE 201 Series IV Direct Reflecting Speakers - Pair - Black

Here is a nice pair of Bose 201 Series IV speakers in excellent cosmetic and working condition. Ideal for use in a compact home stereo system or home AV system. This pair is in perfect working orders and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $150.00


Teac UD-503 w/DSD 11.2 Upsampling Capability (NEW)

High-performance VERITA AK4490 DACs support 11.2MHz DSD and 384kHz / 32-bit PCM

For DAC chips, which are the keys to digital audio, we have used VERITA AK4490 DACs, which are made by Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation and have an established reputation for use in high-end audio equipment.* The VELVET SOUND architecture provides the fine expressive capability suitable for the playback of high-resolution audio sources that reproduce sound waves outside the human audible range. Furthermore, a newly developed low distortion technology enables performance of S/(N+D) = 112 dB. This is the best level in the industry for a 120dB class DAC. Not only is native playback with direct processing of 11.2MHz DSD signals possible, support is provided for an even greater variety of high-resolution audio sources, including 384kHz/32-bit PCM digital input. We have realized expression of the fine smooth detail and outstanding sense of sound placement that characterize high-resolution audio sources. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,599.00

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