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Mass Fidelity Relay
Bluetooth Receiver
DAC/Bridge $299.00


Audio Zone Components
Audio Zone D1
We design and build the Audio Zone line of components. Our products have received many exceptional reviews both here and in the UK. Visit us at the store and hear them for yourself. We know you will be amazed.






OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray Player(Excellent Used)

If you’re a videophile looking for a BD player with excellent processing that does just about everything, and you like to listen to decent audio sometimes, this is the player for you. If you’re a video and audiophile, the BDP-93 looks to be a pretty amazing player. This unit is in excellent cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $350.00


OPPO BDP-95 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (Used)

  • Unparalleled Video Quality powered by 2nd Generation Qdeo Video Processing
  • Diversified Media Support - Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, HDCD, WAV, MKV, FLAC & more
  • World's best performing 32-bit audio DAC solution - ES9018 SABRE 32-bit Reference DAC
  • Balanced XLR & Toroidal Transformer for superior audio signal quality & power efficiency
  • Ultimate Convenience - Dual HDMI, IR In, RS232, USB, eSATA, DLNA & more
  • This unit is in great condition and comes with original packaging
  • ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $750.00
    al p

Jeff Rowland Design Group Concentra Integrated Amplifier Mk I

Bottom Line:  The Jeff Rowland Concentra Integrated amplifier is the best Integrated on the market period. Would have to spend 7000.00 and more to beat this sound. This unit just sounds right. This will be the last unit u buy until u are ready to spend more than 7000.00 and more. This unit is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and comes with original packaging, remote and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $3,500.00


Copland CDA822 CD Player "Excellent"

Here's how good a player this is: with precious few exceptions, I loathe the music of Sondheim, and I can't stand Mandy Patinkin as an actor, let alone as a singer. And yet I couldn't take my ears off of on Nonesuch, Patinkin recorded with just a piano behind him. This to me is what McDonalds is to a Parisian, a recipe . But I was gripped by the sound. Chilling? It was in the room, airy and natural and more reminiscent of the finest open-reel tape playback than anything heard via laser. If there's still a race on to produce The Last Great CD-Only Player, this one is a shoe-in. This CDA822 is in excellent cosmetic and working condition and comes with all original packaging and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,500.00


Copland CSA29 Integrated Amplifier (near Mint)

Copland's niche? It's a double, rather than lone trait that identifies this brand. The most obvious is that the company excels at making sleek and modern solid-state/valve hybrids. Copland certainly wasn't the first to marry the two technologies in equal measure, but it certainly made the marriage viable, credible and desirable; you can see its 'children' in the wonderful amplifiers from Unico, Croft and others. But it's the other forte that marks Copland's turf for some, a group to which it's even more appealing than the tube/tranny nuptials: quite simply, the Danes at Copland have mastered the art of combining styling and construction at sane prices with such finesse that the products are most often likened (favourably) to the now-departed Cello. This CSA29 power rating is 85W per channel comes with all original packaging and is in excellent cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,500.00


Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1 Blu-ray Disc Player "Very Clean"

Pioneer's player looks the part of a high-end piece of gear. Its case is relatively slim, and the front panel sports the same gloss-black finish found on other Pioneer Elite components. On the panels top half are a disc tray, LED display, and a group of indicator lights to tell you if the player contains a Blu-ray Disc, is delivering signals via HDMI, or has its dimmable display switched off. Lifting the flip-up door at the bottom reveals a slew of control buttons that duplicate those found on the player's remote. These let you rewind, fast-forward, and chapter-skip through discs, switch the player's video output format from 480i up to 1080p, navigate both disc and player menus, and access Pioneer's Home Media Gallery feature, which allows streaming of music, video, and photo files from a PC when the player is connected to a home network. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $350.00


Trichord Research Delphini MK2 MM/MC phono stage - EXCELLENT !!!

Up for sale is a Trichord Research Delphini MK2 MM/MC phono stage. Phono stage has been very well taken care of, in excellent to near mint cosmetic condition and perfect working order. This is a 115V unit.
Design: Fully Passive RIAA equalisation between two active gain stages
Cartridge loading resistance: 33 Ohms, 100 Ohms, 1k Ohms and 47k Ohms
Cartridge loading capacitance: MC 1.1nF / MM 100pF
Link selectable gain:MC Very Low Output: 0.1 – 0.25mV (74dB)
MC Low Output: 0.25 – 0.4mV (70dB)
MC Normal Output: 0.4 – 0.6mV (63dB)
MM High Output 2 – 3mV (52dB)
MM High Output 3-5mV (48dB)
Power consumption: 5 Watts
RIAA reproduction characteristics: 20Hz – 20kHz +/-0.5dB
Dimensions: 240mm x 70mm x 160mm (D x H x W)



The Trichord Dino Phono Stage (Excellent)

The Dino is a spectacularly flexible stage. It's well built, packed with technology and will remain 'upgrade' capable for a long time. The sound is open and detailed, tight and controlled, what it isn't is a valve stage or a facsimile of one. If you want something with a warm, smooth sound, or a silky top-end look elsewhere and top valve stages have nothing to fear, but at it's price there's little that will handle as wide a range of cartridges with such ability. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $550.00


Audio Space AS-3i EL-34 Tube Integrated Amplifier (Near Mint)

There is a lot to be said about an integrated amplifier—plug and play is an apt description. This was the case at my house last summer, when the complications of running a passive line stage into a pair of monoblocks gave way to the Audio Space AS-3i integrated tube amp, a compact, 30-pound chunk of high grade steel with a gleaming mirror polished finish and glowing glass. The AS-3i is equipped to handle three sources and a pair of headphones. The headphone jack is mounted on the front panel, not on the back, did not use the headphone amp very much, but when I did, I heard a clean and open signal. This unit is in "Near Mint" condition and comes with tube cage, fully tubed and all original packaging and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,350.00


“Soundstage One Class A Hybrid Integrated Tube Amplifier”

The Soundstage Stage One integrated hybrid amplifier in excellent condition. Features a tube preamp stage and a solid stage power amp stage. Connections are provided for four input sources and there are two preamp output jacks for connection to a separate power amplifier. Power output is 35 wpc. Features heavy duty brass speaker connection posts. Although diminutive in size, the build quality of this amp is evidenced by its heft and weight. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $250.00


PMC TB2+ Two Way Bookshelf Design 90db (Excellent)

The first bookshelf or stand mount design to incorporate PMC’s ATL™. The original TB2 has astounded audiophiles and recording professionals alike, in both stereo and surround applications, with its captivating musical accuracy. The latest +upgrade includes improvements in tweeter, crossover and transmission line damping which once again puts the TB2+ head and shoulders above its competition in all areas of performance. This two way stand mounted design features in many of the worlds leading recording and broadcast facilities such as BBC Radio. The TB2+ shares many of the remarkable attributes of its smaller brother the DB1+ but in a larger stand-mounted design. The TB2+ allows higher volume levels as well as increased bass extension and definition; therefore it is equally suited to larger listening environments. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,350.00


Crown GCSX Reel to Reel Studio Deck (Tube preamps x 2)

Up for sale is a vintage crown reel to reel system. All tube! Comes with everything you see pictured. Record/playback setup. Two matching preamplifiers. Very good shape. Item came from a recording studio. As with any older electronics, item has been thoroughly gone through as the older electrolytic and capacitors may need to be replaced over time. Has original power cord as well. Great candidate for a classic collection. Rare to find in this good condition as a complete set including tube preamps. Local pickup is encouraged as this set was Military spec for its time and extremely heavy. Shipping will be $120 insured. I'll incur all packaging and insuring fees just to help with the costs associated to shipping these. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $2,000.00


Magnum Dynalab FT-101 FM Tuner (Excellent)

The Canadian-made Magnum Dynalab FT 101, which covers only the fm band (88 to 108 MHz), is perhaps the last of the analog tuners-and the only new one to come our way in some years. Its tuning knob, a vanishing feature on today's digital tuners, varies the setting of a potentiometer whose output voltage controls the frequency of a voltage-controlled oscillator. A heavy flywheel provides the silky, freewheeling action that used to be a hallmark of a good tuning mechanism. The only other controls on the handsome pale-gold panel are five lever switches for power, mono/ stereo mode, wide/narrow IF bandwidth, AFC, and muting. Three fairly large illuminated meters are the most visible front-panel features. In the middle is a zero-center tuning meter whose pointer indicates the correct tuning setting. To its right is the RF input meter, which reads relative signal strength, and to its left is a multipath indicator. Excellent condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $450.00


Naim CD3.5 CD Player (Great Classic)

This player definitely deserves some serious attention.  Where this machine excels construction wise is the PCB layout, simplicity of digital section and cool mechanism. The grounding, the regulation, the capacitors - everything is from the best league, head and shoulders above the Philips / Marantz machines of that time. This CD3.5 sound is very dynamic, rhythmical, natural sounding. Unit comes with original packaging, manual, remote and cables and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $650.00


For Sale: Music Fidelity X-CAN V8 Headphone Amp & X-PSU V8 Power Supply....Like New Condition!

Like the V3, the X-CAN V8 has one pair each of RCA line-level inputs and outputs that simply receive the incoming signal and send it back out, replacing "lost" tape-monitor outs. It would have been better for many users had these line-outs gone through the V8's circuits and volume control. The X-CAN V8 adds a USB input on the rear panel, and a source toggle switch (USB/Line) on the front. And instead of just one, there are now two 1/4" headphone jacks. The Burr-Brown PCM2706 USB interface and DAC engage only when you use the USB input, which is said to work with Windows 98 or later, and Mac OS 9.1 and beyond. I had no problems with OSX 10.3.9. With the X-PSU V8, the bass tightened up. Dynamics improved slightly. The music emerged from an even more silent background - you know all that business about preamps and power supplies. In addition, the X-PSU V8 gives you an on/off switch, which is handy if you believe, as I do, in turning off equipment - particularly to prolong tube life. Both units are used but in excellent cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $650.00



Jungson JA-88E Integrated Amplifier (Very Clean)

The Jungson is what they call an "affordable audiophile" amplifier, selling new for reasonable rice. Part of low price of admission is undoubtedly attributed to the fact that it is manufactured in China. Don't let the Chi-fi label cause you much concern, though. This is an exceptionally well built piece of audio gear. It is rather light for an integrated (around 22 lbs), but has a nice solid chassis, and a thick milled, metal faceplate. The dual purpose volume and source selector control has a nice feel to it. As far as connections go, the back panel has 4 RCA inputs, and two RCA pre-amp outputs. Interestingly, the output connections seem to be of better quality than the RCA inputs. The amp also has one set of XLR inputs as well. Pretty rare at this price point.
Now to the important part - how does this amp sound? I have to say, for an amp at this price point, it sounds spectacular. The biggest strength of this amp is it's imaging. It simply images like crazy. My speakers weren't even in the room any more. It also has a nice, easy going, almost tube quality to it. It is certainly an amp that you could spend many hours listening to and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $550.00

TEAC A-2300SD Reel to Reel Tape Recorder (Nice)

The TEAC A-2300SD has all the features and functions of the A-2300SX, plus Integral Dolby noise reduction for a signal to noise reduction of 74dB. Dolby FM and FM Copy switches provide for complete flexibility when recording Dolby encoded FM broadcasts or copying other Dolby encoded sources. Switches allow you to record encoded and monitor decoded for better references. Other features include built-in Dolby calibration tone, Dolby record level controls for each of the bias and equalization positions and Dolby FM Copy level controls. This unit fully tested and in excellent cosmetic condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $450.00


Polk Audio Compact Home Theater System (Complete 5.1)

For sale is the amazing compact home theater package from Polk Audio consisting of 4 x RM6751 Monitors with the RM6762 Center Channel and the RM6750 8in 110W Powered Subwoofer. Add powerful sound to your home theatre with the Polk Audio RM6750 6-piece speaker system. All units are in excellent cosmetic and working condition. It's got everything you need including four satellites, one centre channel, and an 8" Subwoofer to give your entertainment true cinematic sound ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00



For sale a bbeautiful pair of speakers from COMPACT Model : XZ 1 /Pair Description 2 way 2 units vented
Tweeter : ScanSpeak D2904/600000 Mid-low woofer : Scanspeak 15W/8530K00 Recommended Power 10W-100W Sensitivity 85dB/W/m Frequency Response 50Hz-22000Hz Rated Impedance 6 ohms Dimension(W×D×H) 200×372×365 mm Weight 12Kg/26Lbs/each. This are little 5 1/2 inch woofers which are able of producing amazing bass, true audiophile speakers. any one who ever listen to them will know.
I have heard pair at Montreal audio show. This were showstopper. Price new was $3400 a pair.
We have one pair of these rare speakers available. This are very rare in America. Made in China to the highest quality. Use original Scan Speak tweeters and drivers.hand carved wooden boxes.
Very popular in Europe, and Scandinavia and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,200.00

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