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Mass Fidelity Relay
Bluetooth Receiver
DAC/Bridge $259.00


Audio Zone Components
Audio Zone D1
We design and build the Audio Zone line of components. Our products have received many exceptional reviews both here and in the UK. Visit us at the store and hear them for yourself. We know you will be amazed.

Cambridge Audio S700 ISODAC DAC/Isolation Platform

For sale is a nice Cambridge Audio S700 ISODAC DAC/Isolation Platform.  But the fact that it's a DAC isn't what makes it unusual. Check out the shape. We know (though some manufacturers and magazine editors clearly do not) that digital sources, like analog sources, are sensitive to vibration. Many audiophiles use special tables, or isolation devices such as cones or (for instance) Isobearings. With the S700 you get the platform along with the DAC. It sits on five cute little rubber balls, and you put the transport on top. Competitors? What competitors? ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $125.000


Audio Research SP-9 Preamplifier with Phono (Very Clean)

For sale is a highly modified Audio Research SP-9 preamplifier with Phono Stage. This SP-9 has all the caps upgraded to Multicap capacitors and it is in excellent working and cosmetic condition.  Tone Audio review said about the SP-9 "Nevertheless, I’ll bet I could ‘hot-swap’ an SP-9 into almost any new audiophile’s system and have them appreciate the lyrical and sanguine qualities of a 20-year-old piece that has stood the test of time.  The enduring greatness of Audio Research and one of Bill Johnson’s best works is still one of the best values in hi-fidelity today." Unit comes with original packaging and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,100.00


Cambridge Audio A500/D500SE/T500 Set (Excellent Condition)

For sale is a very clean set of Cambridge Audio components consisting of the A500 integrated amplifier with the CD500SE CD player and the T500 tuner. All units are from the original owner and are in excellent working and cosmetic condition.  All components come with all original packaging and manual. This sounding combo is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $550.00


Triod Corporation of Japan CD4SE Tube CD Player Transport

For sale is the exceptional Triod Corporation CD4SE Tube CD Player/Transport. This "Made in Japan' CD player is featuring 24bit/192kHz upsampling using a 6DJ8/6922 tube output stage and Bar Brown PCM-1792 Digital toApologue converters. We have all original packaging, manual and IEC power cord and the unit is in like new condition ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,200.00


Oracle Delphi Mk I Turntable Hadcock GH Arm/Yamaha MC

For sale is a very nice Oracle Delphi turntable with Hadcock GH arm and Yamaha MC cartridge all in great working and very good cosmetic condition. Transients were reproduced very cleanly by the Oracle Delphi, with good instrumental differentiation, especially on complex choral material. Depth and stereo focus were both very good and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,200.00 (LOCAL PICK UP ONLY)


Classic Denon POA3000 Amp/PRA200 Pre/TU750S Tuner Set 

For sale is a very clean early 80's set consisting of the POA3000 power amplifier plus the PRA2000 preamp and the amazing TU750S tuner in excellent cosmetic and working condition. Rated at 180W Class-A, the Denon POA-3000 can be matched perfectly with the Denon PRA-2000 preamplifier to produce a beautiful and clear sound that makes music a joy to listen to. Different pitches and instruments of the performance can be discerned easily and the music passage are not muddled up in a cacophony. The Denon POA-3000 is becoming a very rare piece of equipment and it is no doubt a true statement piece for audiophiles. Complete set ON SALE FOR ONLY $1,3750.00 LOCAL PICK UP ONLY!


Lead Acoustics Lab Model No LP10T Preamp with Phono

For sale is Lead Acoustics Lab Model LP10T Stereo Preamp with MM/MC phono. it has 4xECC82, 6xECC803S., manual
it is mm/mc/mc hg cartridge selector;
mm selection includes 27k; 47k;100k; 150k, 50pf 100pf; 200pf; 300pf; 400pf
mc selection includes 47ohm;100ohm; 250ohm; 1kohm



Jolida JD-302B Intergrated Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier

For sale is a very nice Jolida 302B Vacume Tunbe Integratted Stereo Amplifier in good working and cosmetic condition. You certainly can find amplifiers that outperform the Jolida JD 302B in one way or another, but finding a component that is clearly superior to it across the board will cost you plenty. If you're thinking about trying tubes, I highly recommend that you give the Jolida a whirl, even if you have a substantially larger budget. You might be amazed at just how far a $1000 budget can take you on the road to nirvana.ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $900.00


Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD Blue Ray DVD/CD Player

For sale discover the new Elite® BDP-05FD BonusView™ Blu-ray Disc Player. A Blu-ray Disc® Player that delivers entertainment so rich, so pure, so powerful and so completely different — the way you think about home entertainment will be forever changed.Open your eyes to a taste of visual perfection. Experience mystery, drama, action and suspense with spectacular 1080p picture quality, providing up to 1920 x 1080p resolution that enables every movie you watch to appear just as the director intended.Surrender your heart to amazing entertainment. Set your sights on a single-wire connection so technologically advanced, now one HDMI® digital connection is all you need to output both HD audio and video signals to your HDMI-capable A/V receiver or HD flat panel. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $400.00


Moscode 300 (All American) New York Audio Labs

For sale This is a spectacular Moscode 300 amplifier. This amplifier is in perfect operating condition and excellent physical condition. The Moscode 300 amplifier was designed by the very gifted George Kaye when he was the chief engineer at New York Audio Labs, Harvey Rosenberg’s company.  MOSCODE 300 POWER OUTPUT 8 ohms 150W/ch 4 ohms ... 300W/ch FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 5 Hz to 120 Hz - 3db 20Hz to 60Khz + /- .5 db(Full power) INPUT SENSITIVITY: 1.2V for 150W/8ohms TYPICAL CHANNEL SEPARATION 80 db AT 1 Khz: SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: 90 db or better INPUT Impedance: 274K ohms TUBE COMPLEMENT: 2-6DJ8 Diff. Amp/Volt amp, 2-6FQ7 Cascode follower/driver SEMICONDUCTOR COMPLEMENT: 8 Mosfets, 1 FET current source 4 Transistors, 19 diodes, 1 IC POWER CONSUMPTION: 70 watts id1e, 650 watts @ rated power SIZE: 17" wide x 5 1/4" high x 12" deep NET WEIGHT: 27 Lbs. Price is fair and firm. Buyers pay actual shipping cost. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $800.00


PS Audio NuVave USB DAC (Great Sound)

Sometimes good things come in small packages and that’s certainly the case with the NuWave DAC. Our most affordable D to A Converter gives up little in the way of features from our larger and more expensive versions. Fully asynchronous on its inputs, the NWD can take just about any type of input, at sample rates and bit depths to match current high resolution standards and output pure analog through a fully discrete output stage. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $995.00


Magnum Dynalab FT-101 FM Tuner (Excellent)

Here is a very nice audiophile quality tuner in very good condition. It is coming from the original owner - working great and looks nearly new. The only cosmetic blemishes I can see under close examination is some very small scratches on the back side. The face is flawless and all lights and meters are working. See photos for details - stunning piece of gear from a great Canadian company with a great reputation ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $500.00


Cocktail Audio X12 HD HiFi Music Server with database

Just arrived: the Cocktail Audio X12 HD HiFi Music Server:

  • CD-ripping with CD metadata including album cover art
  • Load your vinyl and cassette tape collections to the X12 in CD quality
  • Streaming playback and control using mobile devices (UPnP/DLNA media server & renderer)
  • Supported music streaming services: Qobuz, Simfy and Reciva internet radio
  • Play songs from iOS devices on the X12 wirelessly with 'Shareplay'
  • Fanless passive cooling system
  • Supports up to 192KHz sample rate via Digital OUT
  • 4.3inch TFT LCD screen with full color user-friendly GUI



Fiio X5 Gen II Hi Rez Portable Audio Player (Native DSD Capable)

Just in at Audio Oasis the amazing Fiio X5 Gen II Hi Rez Portable Audio Player. Powerful dual core processor handles all modern lossless formats at up to 192kHz/24B . Supports DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, and WAVTI PCM1792A DAC, OPA1612 and LMH6642 op amps for ultra low noise, dynamic, and musical rendering. Aluminum unibody construction with premium finish and finely crafted switch gear. Dual microSD card slots supports 128GB cards for 256GB total. To improve sound quality the all new X5 employs seamless voltage switching between different gain levels. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $429.00


Fiio X3 Gen II Hi Rez Portable Audio Player (Native DSD Decoding)

Just in at Audio Oasis is the amazing Fiio line of Hi Rez Portable Audio Players. The X3 II is focused on sound quality, with high power for headphones, a high quality dac, line out and digital coax out, for easy upgradability. You provide the storage and it accepts up to a 128 gb SD card. It is both an excellent sounding music player AND a quality usb/dac,meaning it can also be used with your computer, via usb, then out to headphones, to easily improve the sound quality of all your computer listening. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $289.00


Altec Santana Speakers 879a 15" Biflex 1975 

For sale is a very nice pair of Altec Sanatana speakers in excellent working and cosmetic condition. The floor type speaker system design of the back top plate at Santana’s advanced type and grain. The aim was to develop a tonal balance for the low-end and high-end to blend smoothly. This two way bass reflex system is 91db efficient and ideal for low power tube or solid state amplification and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $450.00




Orginal CD-2008MK-II HDCD/CD Player for sale in very good condition with remote and power cord. Retail price in Canada was about $1500.00 asking $500.00. VERY NICE SOUNDING PLAYER AND EXCELLENT BUILD QUALITY. Unit comes with factory packaging and remote and IEC power cord for ONLY $500.00


FOR SALE: Spica TC-50's with Stands

A great speaker for the money, these were way ahead of their time and performed way above their price point, still popular in many "best speakers of all time" lists, somewhat of a cult following. Sonic wise these are stunningly perfect - original with no mod's. Cosmetically they are decent condition, grill covers need to be updated, these speakers are famus for their detail and imaging. All driver components are working great.
The key to this speaker was the extraordinary care taken in matching the drivers and crossover networks. We listen to companies like Wilson Audio brag about matching their crossovers and drivers to .5 db tolerances, but Spica was doing this almost 30 years ago with their $500 per pair speakers! Pretty impressive. ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $350.00


Nac 102 Pre-amplifier (Near Mint)

For sale is an excellent NAC 102 preamplifier with remote. The highly versatile NAC102 provides first class sound quality, user configurable inputs, full infra red remote control and a host of other features. Experience gained during years of research and development of our state-of-the-art NAC52 has been employed to provide novel engineering solutions in the quest for performance and flexibility. Capable of being powered even by the supplies built into our smaller power amplifiers, the NAC102 enables correct system hierarchy to be maintained without compromising future upgrading: ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1.100.00


Naim NAP 250 - Chrome Bumper

Naim Nap 250 - Chrome Bumper power amp , serial # 30870 no original box, cables and manual. Secured from the original owner and was in a second system with only very light usage. 80 watts of power and 400 VA on transient outputs.


  • Gain - 29 dB
  • Input Impedance - 18 kohm
  • Output Impedance - 8 ohm

Don't have the original packaging but unit will include an IEC Power Cord and DIN Input cable with RCA connectors. (SALE PRICE DOES  NOT INCLUDE THE PREAMP SHOWN IN THE PICTURE) ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $1,250.00

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