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The construction in front of our shop is complete and two-way traffic on Queen has resumed from Coxwell to Connaught.

1596 Queen St E. – Map
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4L 1G2

Closing on May 27th
Thank all our loyal customers who over the past 20 years have made Audio Oasis one of the top five audio retailers in Canada — we will miss you all!
Please take advantage of exceptional saving on our remaining in-store stock.
Audio Zone Components
Featured Item



Energy SA-180 12in Powered Subwoofer (Excellent)

This is a fabulous sub, a classic of its kind, but it's far more than I need or can really use. With a 12" driver, a steady output of 180 watts RMS and a peak of 720w (or nearly three-quarters of a kilowatt) it could shake the fillings from your teeth, cause an earthquake or get you evicted from the city, let alone your house. Seriously, though, it provides a beautifully deep, full and musical bass underpinning to any music and gives movie sound effects unforgettable punch. Set up and ready to audition. Price is OBO, original MSP was US$995. Very good cosmetic and working condition and ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $200.00

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